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Poema electrónico

La poesía visual es un tipo de literatura electrónica. Como su nombre lo indica, se “escribe” con un dispositivo que se conecta a la corriente de energía. Entonces, en lugar de un bolígrafo o un lápiz, se usa una cámara u otros aparatos generadores de imágenes. Y se publica más que en papel, de forma virtual, esto es, que se “lee” detrás de una pantalla.

Visual poetry is a type of electronic literature. As its name implies, it is “written” with a device that uses an electrical current. Instead of a pen or a pencil, visual poetry is made using a camera and other imaging device. Publication takes place “virtually,” rather than on paper. It is “read” on a screen.

Printed News

Los elementos de este tipo de poesía son por supuesto la imagen y el sonido, aunque también la palabra y el color. La poesía visual es un ejercicio lúdico y se construye con los mismos “recursos” que toda literatura; digamos las metáforas, las metonimias, las elipsis y otras figuras poéticas. La diferencia es que el poema visual está hecho de luz, de sonidos, de efectos y de imágenes sublimes. Por lo regular son piezas muy cortas que a diferencia de un filme o un video musical, su soporte es un poema.

The elements of this type of poetry are images and sounds, but also the word and the color. Visual poetry is a playful exercise and is built with the same “resources” as all literature. It speaks in metaphors, metonyms, ellipses and other poetic manners. The difference is that the visual poem is made of light, sounds, effects, and sublime images. They are usually very short pieces; unlike a film or music video, their strength is their poetry.

Bacon | Tocino, 3:30 min.

“Bacon” is the result of a time in which we live, a reality that afflicts us and worries us. It is a poem of three phases and an environment. A piece of meat that is fried on the coals; We are all in the same pool, the tree that cannot breathe because the air leaves it, the city that disappears before the undaunted eye. Tales of Climate Change all of them.

Zero Gravity-Gravedad Cero, 3:00 min.

This experimental art piece, examines the often forgotten temporary nature of our human condition while we are preoccupied rushing ever onward in our lives, careers and particular “rat races,” our lives also transverse an evitable course; ascending inexorably in our weightless ascension. The gravity of the situation is we don’t know what we are ascending toward, like astronauts travelling through star-strewn skies in our individual capsules very much alone… in the darkness of the light.

Alberto Roblest – youtube.