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Serie PandÉmica | Pandemic Series


Distanciamiento | Cuarentena | Infección | Aislamiento son algunos de los conceptos que definen a esta serie compuesta de unas 30 Digital Prints y varios poemas electrónicos… (MÁS INFORMACIÓN) Aquí una selección.

Distancing | Quarantine | Infection Isolation are some of the concepts that define this series composed of about 30 digital Prints and various E-poems… (MORE INFO) Here a selection.

Cuarentena. Alberto Roblest
“Cuarentena”. La soledad y el abandono. Digital Print. 58×18 in. Alberto Roblest.

The infectious King III. Covid Series
“The infectious King II”. The infection affected the king and the entire court.

“Mona Lisa Now”. Remembering Leonardo. Digital Print. 44×38 in. Alberto Roblest
Covid Stress. Alberto Roblest
“Covid Stress”. From the Neighbors series. Digital Print. 44×38 in. Alberto Roblest
Woman without DP 44x38 in Alberto Roblest
“Woman without”. Woman crossing the street without a mask in Downtown.

“Man waiting outside hospital”. Sad man waiting for news outside the hospital.

Digital Print. 44x38 in. Alberto Roblest
Masked Man. Digital Print. 44×38 in. Alberto Roblest
Love in times of Covid I. A. Roblest
“Love in times of Covid I”. Lovers grew apart and love grew cold.
Gulping Air, 44x38 in. Alberto Roblest
“Gulping Air”, Climate Change knocks on the door. Digital Print. 44×38 in. Alberto Roblest
Assault on the Capitol. Digital Print. 44×38 in. Alberto Roblest
NY under attack. A. Roblest
“NY under attack”. No one in New York, April 2020. Digital Print. 44×38 in. Alberto Roblest

COVID entering Downtown
“COVID entering Downtown”. In late March, the virus made its appearance in the city of DC.

Congress under Siege. A. Roblest
“Congress under Siege”. The virus about to hit the congress. Washington DC 2020

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Pandemic E- poems and mini-fictions | Minificciones y poemas electrónicos pandémicos.